Scientists have found a way to make spiders spin stronger silks using carbon nanotubes or graphene. The discovery, published in the journal 2D Materials, could pave the way for a new class of bionicomposites, with a wide variety of uses. Scientists have found a way to make spiders spin strongerRead More →

The new method, developed by researchers from University of Sussex in the UK, enables the technology to discover activities as they happen, not just simply when exercising, but also when brushing your teeth or cutting vegetables. Scientists have created a new algorithm that enables smartwatches to not only record yourRead More →

A malware researcher has discovered a spamming operation that has been drawing on a list of 711.5 million email addresses. The scale of the scheme appears to make it the biggest find of its kind. The addresses – and in some cases associated passwords – have apparently been gathered toRead More →